Compsocs UK

A number of computer science societies at UK universities who use IRC have resurrected the shared channel #compsoc-uk on freenode as a place for friendly discussion.


If you do not have a convenient IRC client, you can use freenode webchat to connect to the channel.


There is (at least one) utility bot in the channel. One of the functions it provides is intended to make it easy to check which university and society someone is from (as this question comes up often).

Type !whois <nick> to find the description a user has set for themselves.

Type !whois.set <description> to set the description for yourself.

Grand Tech Meetup

Every year we organise a Grand Tech meetup, inviting all societies and those interested for a weekend of talks, workshops, and social events.

The 2016 GTMU is currently being planned - join us on IRC to find out more!

See the GTMU pages for details.

Known Societies

These societies have been seen in the channel:

Future plans

Hopefully, various group activities will be organised among the people in #compsoc-uk. Perhaps when this becomes a proper website, those events will be listed here.

This Website

If you’d like to improve this website, it is hosted on GitHub pages, in the repository Compsocs/ Send a pull request, and ping barrucadu (among others) in the channel if it seems to be being ignored. Reputable individuals will probably be given commit access.